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Work For Quota

Cleaning Opportunities

We empathize with everyone during this national emergency.  If you have been directly impacted, laid-off or are in need of supplemental income during this time, we’d like to do our part to help.

Quota Cleaning has many openings, on all shifts, in Cuyahoga, Summit & Lorain County. To apply, call our employment line at (440) 717-7050 ext. 208.  Please leave a message with a contact number and we will call you back within a couple of hours. You may also email us at: [email protected].

Staff Selection

You worry about strange people having access to your company’s sensitive documents and employees’ work area. Here at Quota, we have you covered.

Employee Screening/Investigation: All personnel hired to clean in any contracted facility have a thorough background investigation performed on then by our sister company, Search First Information Services (www.searchfirst.com), before they are placed by Quota Incorporated. We perform a Statewide Ohio felony background check on all prospective employees to protect your company.

In addition, Quota policies and procedures enable us to perform Random Drug Screening on all employees, to ensure a secure workplace.


Because you want your workspaces to look their best, Quota as developed a stringent training process for all newly hired employees.

Each new hire must go through a Training Checklist with the Site Manager or Lead Cleaner, specifically customized for their assigned corporation. However, each cleaner in trained first in one of four specialists positions for OS (1): vacuum specialist, utility specialist, restroom specialist, and light duty specialist. The employee will then get inspected their first night, at the end of the first week, at the end of the first month, and then at least monthly.