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Cleveland, Ohio 44147
Telephone: 440-717-7050
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Why We Are Different

Who is Quota Incorporated?

Quota Incorporated provides contract-cleaning services to commercial and institutional clients. The senior management team combined has over 30 years of experience in the cleaning industry. What does this mean to you? We have formed a company based on the operating principles of employee screening and training, inspections and rewards, and strong supervision. These standards and our commitment deliver superior cleaning services in a manner that benefits your company.

Your buildings and your people are your company’s most precious assets. Using the OS1 cleaning system, Quota engineers a specialized cleaning system to achieve the goals of a clean and healthy indoor environment, resulting in healthier, happier employees.

Our Promise

Quoted Incorporated does not simply “bid” its cleaning contracts – it engineers them. Starting with floor plans, facility inspections and client requirements, the engineering continues with computerized planning and detailed analysis of time, equipment and supply needs. The result: a competitive proposal of an efficient operating plan built specifically for your business’s needs.

Total Quality Management

Before we select and place any managers or supervisors at a location, each candidate is screened and trained just as we would our productive work force employees. We intend to have these individuals on site at all times insuring productivity and the best service possible. The key to our successful cleaning program is strong supervision along with a properly trained supporting staff you can trust.

Employee Motivation

You know that just getting a paycheck isn’t enough motivation for some of the hardest working people. And, you don’t want a constant rollercoaster ride of new employees learning the job on your dime. From clean uniforms and safe, efficient equipment to rewards and promotions, Quota provides the best atmosphere possible for our employees to increase loyalty, motivation and work ethic. Staff members are rewarded in several ways:

  • Performance Bonus
  • Perfect Attendance Bonus
  • Employee of the Month Certificate/Bonus
  • Employee of the Year Certificate/Bonus
  • Breakfast with the Vice President – an open forum to express any concerns or ideas employees might have.

With thorough screening and training, quality management and employee motivation programs, our staff is committed to achieving more than what is required. The end result: your satisfaction.

Employee Screening/Investigation

You can never be too safe. When you hire a company to clean your work areas, you are putting potentially sensitive information at risk. Knowing this, all Quota personnel hired to clean in any contracted facility must have a thorough background investigation performed by our sister company, SearchFirst, before they are placed by Quota Incorporated. We check their background:

  • Criminal Convictions
  • Credit History
  • BMV Violations
  • Personal & Prior Job References

In addition, Quota policies and procedures enable us to perform Random Drug Screening on all employees to ensure a secure workplace.

Employee Training

Learning never ends. New products, processes and best practices are always developing. To provide you with the best service possible using the best, most up to date procedures and products possible, Quota thoroughly trains its hourly employees and conducts on-going training, educating our staff with the latest trends in the industry. All of our employees are “certified” in certain aspects of cleaning. Everyone involved is committed to doing the best job possible for you.

Our Inspection System

Have you ever entered the office the day after the cleaning company was there and wondered what they really did? That thought will never cross your mind when Quota cleans. Our on-site managers perform daily, weekly, and monthly inspections of each employee and their assigned area. Fully documented evaluation forms and checklists have been developed to insure maximum performance. We know that many times, your workspaces are your first impression, and we want you to make the best one possible.